The Key Roles of HCG in the Life of Every Woman!

The term ‘Human Chorionic Gonadotropin’ (also known as HCG) may sound a bit scary for women, but this hormone is more than just a scary term. It is good. It is helpful. And every woman should be grateful for having this hormone.

Qualitative HCG vs. Quantitative HCG tests

HCG level 300x200 The Key Roles of HCG in the Life of Every Woman!1. Women who are already pregnant may have already encountered the term during their first trimester. This is due to the fact that HCG is one of the initial tests taken in order to ascertain pregnancy. Qualitative HCG screening is conducted primarily to detect pregnancy based on the level of the said hormone in the urine. This is now more commonly known as the pregnancy test. Kits normally sold on drugstores or even supermarkets may require different methods of testing. The most common pregnancy test is the collection of sample urine in a cup where a test strip is to be dipped for a few seconds. Most of the manufacturers of these kits claim 99% accuracy.

• Main advantage of this test: Easy to perform; kits are easily obtained

• Main disadvantage of this test: Testing too early may likely lead to obtaining false-negative result

2. For more meticulous pregnant women who are not completely satisfied with pregnancy test kit results, they may opt for another procedure which also involves the calculation of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone. The main difference is, this time it will be performed by extracting blood. This pregnancy screening procedure is now called Quantitative HCG test. Aside from confirming pregnancy, this test is also used to obtain crucial information about the general health of the fetus. This quantitative procedure is able to detect early on if there are certain abnormalities in the fetus. This test is also crucial for women who underwent unplanned termination of pregnancy (miscarriages).

• Main advantage of this test: accurate and can be performed by professional health care provider

• Main disadvantage of this test: It requires the patient to go to the clinic.

When should HCG screening be performed?

The basic answer to this question is – it depends on the purpose. When the test is to be done to confirm pregnancy, the specific time or date to perform the test depends on how well the woman really knows her menstrual cycle. Although most manufacturers of the pregnancy kits claim that pregnancy can be detected even just one day after missing the period, it is still recommended to wait for a full ten days before conducting the test.

When the blood test is preferred, test results may likely be more accurate as this test is far more sensitive and can be performed even just after 48 hours of the supposed date of menstruation. This is the reason that many OB-Gynecologists still require blood tests even after a woman has undergone several urine tests to confirm pregnancy.

HCG and Ectopic Pregnancy

On certain cases, health practitioners may require a woman to undergo quantitative hCH (blood) test if she is suspected of having ectopic pregnancy. This can be particularly critical, especially if the woman experiences the following signs and symptoms during the early stages of pregnancy:

• Heavy vaginal bleeding (different from ‘spotting’)

• Extreme pain in the lower back

• Dizziness, fainting

• Low blood pressure

• Vomiting

• Pain in the pelvic area

Ectopic pregnancy is detrimental to the survival of the pregnant woman. The use of quantitative Human Chorionic Gonadotropin test is to avoid the potential rupture of the amniotic sac which could lead to poisoning and cardiac arrest.

Understanding the key responsibilities of this hormone in your life prevents the how’s and why’s that can simply produce unnecessary stress, especially for a pregnant woman. So be grateful for drop of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in your body.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Golf Club (Whether It Is an Expensive or Cheap Golf Club)

Buying golf clubs can be stressful sometimes, or most of the time, because of a few things that one needs to consider before pulling out the money intended for it. One must effortlessly see the credibility of a golf club no matter what brand it is. The material is significantly part of the check, because a good buy must always last a certain period of time, or else it is not. Material also determines one’s game to some extent. Durability is also one factor to consider, in order to prevent replacing golf clubs in just a short while. And of course, the last thing to consider is the price of the golf club. Shopping must always be about looking for the quality, not the price. For the record, while expensive golf clubs are definitely high quality, cheap golf clubs are not always rip-offs.

If it’s a driver you are looking for, shorter is usually better than longer, and closed is usually better than neutral. Casual players probably don’t know that the longer the club, the harder it is to swing squarely. The average driver on the PGA tour is 44.5 inches. Most of the drivers sold today have the shaft length of 45 inches and sometimes even longer. Shorter is always going to be better, ideally.

cheap golf clubs 300x254 Things to Consider When Buying a Golf Club (Whether It Is an Expensive or Cheap Golf Club)Choosing hybrids is easier if you match them with the irons they are replacing. The objective is to replace long irons with better hybrids that go about the same distance, not an inch longer or shorter. Distance gaps are possible because of longer or shorter hybrids.

Golf equipment manufacturers tend to produce varying golf clubs because a golf player should fit a golf club even if they are expensive or cheap golf clubs. One size does not fit all. Just like suits, golf clubs should require fitting for better performance. Golf clubs vary in shapes, sizes, lengths, and swing characteristics just like golf players come in different shapes, sizes, skill set, and power. One may take so much time picking the right golf club. Sometimes it is an expensive one, and sometimes people are better off with cheap golf clubs but are of good quality. Price does not really matter, but some players end up buying the wrong golf clubs because of their price that they perceive to equated to a certain degree of quality.

However, some people tend to invest low on their golf clubs because of the belief that price does not really matter. There are cases wherein other golf equipment and items are more expensive than the actual golf club itself. A golf player must know how to prioritize his equipment according to functionality, but that does not necessarily mean that golf clubs should cost a frighteningly great fortune. There are good quality golf clubs that can be bought off for a reasonable price, and if cheap golf clubs fit, then it should be considered.

Buying the right golf club, along with the equipment and other products to put on a good game, should really take time. Many people, especially golf players, still think that it all depends on the material and the manufacturing traits of a golf club. Club heads can be faulty for some, and angles might turn out to be wrong when on the actual field. That is why one should contemplate and really look into the golf club with careful study because choosing can sometimes be complicated, sometimes it can be simple. A golfer always needs to remember considering his own measurement and ability as to be matched to a golf club, because golf can get as professional as it can be just like any other sport.

Is “Viral-ity” Content Marketing’s Holy Grail?

With the craze of marketing a business through content still in full force, business owners have felt it has become necessary to have content that is viral. Everybody is coming up with better content, content that is free of factual and grammatical errors, and free of spam or anything that search engines would frown upon. So, how does a company set itself from the others? The defining factor that may separate the premium content from the wannabes as of the moment may be its “viral-ity”. Simply put, this means content that is so engaging and relatable, its readers cannot help but share it with others. As its description denotes, content to be considered top-notch has to be like a virus – difficult to resist, sticks to the helpless reader’s consciousness, and spreads like wildfire. Then, repeat cycle. Alas, it is easier said and described than done.

SEO Is “Viral ity” Content Marketing’s Holy Grail?Hoping for viral content is much like any other amateur singer in the country wanting to be American Idol or any college hopeful getting drafted in the NFL. It is an ideal, a lofty goal, but then, not too many, if at all, reach it. For a vast majority of website owners marketing through content, viral content just does not happen and will never happen. To make matters worse or to add salt to the wounds of these hapless content marketers, those who do achieve viral content status for their “products” attribute their success to luck. That is, work hard for all the content that you produce and hope that one of them gets viral. Zone into that “lucky” piece of content, analyze the heck out of it (look into what worked for that particular piece, the factors that made it viral or at the very least popular), and see if the steps can be replicated to other pieces, observing if the desired effect is achieved with the others.

The thing about content achieving viral status is that there may be some tricks as reflected in content being presented by websites such as Upworthy and Buzzfeed. But then, their methods in achieving this may not exactly be something that would be applicable to businesses. Moreover, applying their tips and tricks to content from e-commerce sites may result in flash in the pan successes and eventual long-term failures. One issue with viral posts is that businesses may not be able to sustain the momentum given by such a post to benefit them. In this respect, a viral post should not only call the attention of people to a website, but on an online business standpoint, should more importantly push these businesses to start engaging with people who have been “affected” by their viral content. Thus, the first point of viral content for online businesses: Content should not be produced primarily for exposure, but instead should be packaged as viral but would be meaningful enough that readers would want to continuously engage with the company, not just start and end a relationship with only that single piece of content.

For businesses, it would take someone daring to say that being viral should not be the be-all and end-all of content, especially with today’s obsession with exactly that. But it should be said because that is exactly the truth. If being viral means having content that a lot of readers could relate to, to the point of sharing it to other people in their social network, then it is important, but should only be a part of the more important goal of AEC – attracting, engaging, and converting (the last factor negligible or may come in other forms with non-business websites, like loyal following). With these three factors present, things will be okay even if the content is not viral.

Lastly, take note: All viral content has precisely these three characteristics. If the content does not attract attention, is not engaging, and does not convert readers to customers, not only does it not stand a chance of being viral, it is downright useless. Now, that’s something to think about.